1995 Texas Renaissance Festival

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Tue Aug 8 18:24:53 PDT 1995

> 	**The Demos can include basket weaving, crossbow construction, dancing 
> (with live         musicians only), enameling, garb fashion shows, leather 
> works, needleworks,         scribing/charter painting, weaving/spinning, 
> woodworking, etc.  (If you have an idea not         on this list, please let 
> us know what you would like to do in the compound area for the         
 entertainment of the patrons.

I am and have ever been interested in period games. I have done some research, 
and am currently working on cloth boards (so as to insure easy transport) for
at least one of the games I have found. I know that many people have beautifully
crafted boards for other games such as nine men's morse, and the like. Also
there are some skittles boards to be had around the kingdom, and last year I 
was able to bring one.. the patrons really liked that as it is so fast moving.

In addition, I would like to know with whom to speak locally to insure I will
be able to participate in the festival. I have gone every year since I joined 
the SCA, and as a matter of fact it was TRF (and some very good friends) that 
brought me in to the SCA. 

On yet one more note, who do we speak to with regard to things to be displayed?
I have a few items of clothing that might be of interest.

Please pardon and typos/misspellings. 

In Service,

Elise LaMignon/Sonya Walczyk

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