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Paul DeLisle pdelisle at innet.com
Thu Aug 10 17:07:00 PDT 1995

>>  They arrive at their local
>>herald, or at a heraldic consultation table at an event, with a design
>>that they've spent hours working at.
>And get gratuitosly insulted

Not by me, sir.

>Most people in the sca want thier heraldry to be a form of personal
>iconography it is the heralds who have this mental block which precludes
>them from dealing with this fact and working towards making that a part of
>the game. They instead insist upon people playing thier game by thier
*Most* heralds understand that "heraldry" is an Art form, with it's own
rules. You can't say: "Well, I want to paint in a Realist style, but I want
to add some Impressionistic touches to it." ...Okay, you *can*, but it's
*not* "Realist" anymore. 
>We should record people's heraldry without regard to periodicity, or rather
>with only period style being encouraged but NOT required.

No, sir, we *shouldn't*.  If we are recreating a period, we should re-create
it....not "just add a few Unicorns, 'cause they're neat" or some "dragons",
'cause they're rteally cool." Hey, I know; I can be a GOD! Cool idea, no?

                  In Service, I remain
                  Alden Pharamond
                  Mendersham, Ansteorra

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