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Fri Aug 11 04:41:39 PDT 1995

I'm not going to attribute this mess:-]

>Whee here we go again, no, the people are not wrong for having an idea
>about what they want. That idea may not be medevial, and that may become
>important to the person at a later date but it means that they have
>different priorities from those of the heralds.
>So, just because my priority is to drive the wrong way down the one way
>street, I should get to?

        Your comment was, IMHO, uncalled for, he is stating his honest
opinion, you are trying to start a flame war.  In case MHO is wrong:  you
are comparing apples and oranges, the SCA is NOT real, the trafic laws are.
BTW, he is correct in the point that people who have an idea of what they
want are not wrong, they may be uneducated, but are they wrong for wanting

>We should record people's heraldry without regard to periodicity, or rather
>with only period style being encouraged but NOT required.
>This statement I Strongly disagree with. If we allowed that, the next thing
>we'd see would be devices with that ugly, purple dinosaur on them. Shish.

        Well, actually I've seen lots of things as ugly as a certian purple
blob, some of which are period, most of which are registered.  The thing
that people are forgetting is simple:  What is period for one may not be
period for someone else.  The COA has elected to use a certian time/area as
their standard for period, and they enforce the style of that time, and
limit the rest.  Another thing that is forgotten, what was *good* in the
past, is no longer *good* today, because the COA changes things as they see fit.

Yup, I still have a few problems with the COA in general, does it show?

Mordaut  (Who is now getting ready to flee the area:-)

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