Heraldry idea...

Fri Aug 11 11:27:58 PDT 1995

> Antonio writes:
> >What if some people who were good book heralds and had a love an interest in
> >improving the visual heraldry started "playing."  Blazons could be created
> >and passed up to the kingdom level, but left unassigned.  When someone
> >wanted something, they could say "I'd kind of like an eagle in it" or
> >something to that effect.  They could then be presented with a set of
> >choices that were guaranteed to pass.  The list would have to be updated as
> >conflicting arms were passed, but it would allow a different method of
> >acquiring arms for people who aren't that good at the book end.
> Umm.....it's a GREAT idea, Antonio! In fact; it's been called the "Fire &
> Forget Consultation Table" for about four years now! Unfortunately, when we
> changed Star Principal Heralds (a couple of times!) plus the changes in the
> rules and such, it kind of fell by the wayside! ....So? Regionals? Keif? Any
> chance of reviving this dead horse?
>                   In Service, I remain
>                   Alden Pharamond
>                   Mendersham, Ansteorra
Kief says go for it Alden.

Lorraine DeerSlayer

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