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> Whee here we go again, no, the people are not wrong for having an idea
> about what they want. That idea may not be medevial, and that may become
> important to the person at a later date but it means that they have
> different priorities from those of the heralds.
> And get gratuitosly insulted
> Most people in the sca want thier heraldry to be a form of personal
> iconography it is the heralds who have this mental block which precludes
> them from dealing with this fact and working towards making that a part of
> the game. They instead insist upon people playing thier game by thier
> rules.
> We should record people's heraldry without regard to periodicity, or rather
> with only period style being encouraged but NOT required.
> -Michael
You know, Michael, it is just this sort of stupid post that gets you 
flamed all the time...just like now. You know nothing about heraldry, 
you know nothing about "what the people want" in heraldry. And you 
don't care...all you want is what Litch wants...and that is a PURE EGO 
TRIP. If you want to play in a FANTASY GAME then go away and do so. 
Don't bother anyone here with your petty, small, whinings about "what 
I want..." If you don't like the game we are playing or the Society 
that we strive to make the most authentic AND fun pastime we 
can...leave, start your own group...play your game your way...just 
don't bother us anymore.

Arenvald Kief av Kiersted, Ansteorran mka--Lee Cockerham, Texan 

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

The opinions expressed herein are solely mine and not policy of the 
S.C.A. Inc. nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra nor the College of Heralds 
in Ansteorra. So, there....

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