crowns and classes

Maaggie at Maaggie at
Fri Aug 11 20:56:34 PDT 1995

Greetings to all.

Michael writes:

>I would have thought that making soemthing like that publically available
>to everyone would be better, that way anyone who is considering entering
>crown might get an idea of what has gone through the minds of the people on
>the throne or even for the people who never will fight in crown and who
>just want some idea of the factors behind the force which might effect

>Doing it that way smacks a whole lot of cliquish toadying.

You know, I was sort of agreeing with this man right up to the point he added
this last sentence.  I suppose one always uses one's own point of view to
assign motives to others, but it is this sort of statement that sets my teeth
on edge.  I assumed that the motives behind the lady's suggestion was to be
kind and helpful to someone who just inherited a difficult job.  But that's
just me, I guess.

In Service,


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