crowns and classes

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Fri Aug 11 13:32:38 PDT 1995

> blah, blah, blah...
>I have collected comments from at lest four other sources on
>leadership, expense, pitfalls, rewards, attitude, etc...  I gift this in a
>decorated folder to the new leader(s)

> the most appreciated gift a Crown can
>receive is oft received in private off to one side surrounded by friends.


I would have thought that making soemthing like that publically available
to everyone would be better, that way anyone who is considering entering
crown might get an idea of what has gone through the minds of the people on
the throne or even for the people who never will fight in crown and who
just want some idea of the factors behind the force which might effect

Doing it that way smacks a whole lot of cliquish toadying.

>Lady Chiara


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