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Michael A. Chance mchance at crl.com
Sat Aug 12 05:09:49 PDT 1995

Michael Litchfield wrote:

> Dunno, we may not be as far apart as it seems, however there is annother
> issue, one that is rather loose and unbounded. What is the role the society
> should play in the individual and vice versa. I view the SCA as a tool the
> indivual can use to further thier own enjoyment. That the society should be
> the least restrictive it can possibly  achieve and still satisfy most
> people.

However, the SCA isn't just a big social club.  There is a stated
purpose to the organization: To re-create the Medieval and Renaissance
historical periods.  While I certainly won't deny anyone from
"furthering their own enjoyment", if how they do that doesn't relate
to the purposes that the SCA was created to further, I suggest that
they need to look elsewhere for a more appropriate venue.

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