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>for those that don't know, a pantheon is a deer-like creature with a 
>fox's tail & stars scattered all over it]

Shucks, now you've let the masses know...sometimes it's even more fun to keep
them in the back of the heraldic closet where the only light they get is that
which we heralds shed upon them (giggle,snort):} [this is a JOKE and ONLY a

Just for Alden, I am back in the Heraldry-thing once again...Look for lots
more maunches and other "fun" things...BTW, try this..
                 Argent ermined purpure, a barnacle inverted and a bordure
Great heraldry must be genetic, this is the device my 5 year old daughter has

quarterly vert and erminois
a muanch counterchanged...

It's gaudy but it's all mine! :}

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