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R. Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Tue Aug 15 08:09:27 PDT 1995

>>Just a quick paradigm check.  I hear you say that you don't feel that period
>>styles or conventions should be required for officially registering arms in
>>the SCA.  Is that what you meant to say?  If so, does this creative freedom
>>extend to costuming, names, fighiting styles, etc?
>Then LITCH said:
>>Isn't that already the case?  [etc.]
>BUZZZZ!  Thank you very much for playing, but you put your answer in the
>form of a question.  I want to know what you THINK.  Not what you observe.

No I do not feel that period styles or conventions should be required for
officially registering a device in the SCA. Nor do I think any such
proscriptive rules should be applied to any area of the society, with the
exception of rules expressly needed for safety considerations (i.e. armour

Period styles and conventions should be encouraged by all means, but they
should not be mandated. There will be abuses as there are in every human
venture but I
hardly think this will cause people to run rampant in the streets as has
been intimated. Just because we have to sumptuary laws does not mean
everyone runs around flourescent ripstop nylon.

>I remain Yours, etc.
>Antonio Bastiano
>or cmwalden at bga.com
>[Words mean things.  No...really.]


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