Period Heraldric Styles...

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Thu Aug 17 05:37:58 PDT 1995

> >CAN NOT be mandated, unless we allow the SCA police to go put you in SCA
> >jail until you put on a decent costume and start saying "my lord."
> >Encouragement is the right method.  But HOW do we encourage people?
> The only ~hard-and-fast~ rules I can really think of when it comes to any
> sort of creative endeavor in the Society are those that govern submission
> of arms and those rules have very specific reasons for being and a history
> to them.

I've thought about this quite a bit, and I wonder why *this* rule is
there. (Since there are so few that are 100% enforced.) Or better yet,
why doesn't the CoH have 2 types of armorials. Those being:

1) Period Style
2) All others

This would allow anyone to submit and *reserve* their arms. Anyone *can*
make whatever arms they want and take them to events and show them off,
so why not allow them to have their arms reserved? As I see it, all it
would require would be an additional checkbox for which Armorial they
are trying for. Keeping an armorial of the ones submitted that didn't
care if they were period would allow them to use their arms without
worrying if someone else is going to be using them as well. (Yes, I know
they still can, but if it's recorded as Joe Bob Fighter's, then people
will generally stop using it. While if it's not recorded and not
required for them to submit, they will continue to use it.)


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