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For all of you mead brewers out there, just got this from the Lochac list.
You might have to contact Drake directly to get some Aussie translation,
but here it is:

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>I've just brewed up a batch of the most wonderful mead.  Not sure if it's
>but god does it taste like heaven.
>                ----  Sweet Lime Mead ----
>        6Kg of Yellow Box Honey
>        375-500ml of Lime Juice (well stained, no bits)
>        500ml of Strong Black Tea
>        1/2pkg Champaigne Yeast
>        5tsp Yeast Nutrient
>        Dissolve Honey in 6-8L of boiling water.
>        Place honey on low rolling boil and skim off the dross
>                (wax, sticks, dirt, crap, etc...)
>        Take honey off boil when you can't get anymore dross.
>        Cool.
>        Place Honey water, Tea, Lime Juice, Yeast and nutrient in a 4 Gallon
>                (15L) Demijon or Carboy.
>        Ferment for 4 weeks. Pitch sediment reducer (Wine finings) if required
>                at the end of fermentation.
>        Bottle.
>        Ready to drink after 12 weeks.
>Drake Morgan.

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