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>.  For myself, I enjoy the pomp and circumstance of Field and 
>Court Heraldry.  I think I do a reasonable job of helping to create the 
>right atmosphere on those occasions. 

Thank you for bringing up the Field and Court Heraldry aspect of Heraldry.
 All to often people think the only part of heraldry is the armoury (pretty
colored pictures).  I try to inform people that there are different
catagories of heraldry;

     1.)Armoury (creation and research of)
     2.)Name research (fits in closely enough with "our" heraldry that I lump
it here)
     3.)Field heraldry
     4.)Court heraldry
     5.)Precedence (see #2)

I am not very good at the ins and outs and what-goes-where of name
construction thus do not delve into it too deeply.  Field and Court heraldry
can either add a Fantastic bit of feeling to an event or lose one's interest
all together depending how it is done. This I leave to the more theatrically
inclined people. 

 Send me to  the "creating devices" corner and I'm a happy-herald.  


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