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Thu Aug 17 11:38:26 PDT 1995

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>Here are the files I have available:
>beer.msg                (20K)   12/ 7/93        Making beer, period beer.
>beverages.msg     (99K)  1/11/95        Beverages in general. alcholic drinks.
>beverages-NA.msg        (50K)    1/11/95        Non-alcoholic beverages.
>coffee.msg              (17K)    3/ 2/94        Coffee and coffee-type drinks.
>kumiss.msg              (18K)    4/19/94        Mongol drink made from mare's
>kvass.msg               (24K)   12/ 3/93        Russian drink made from bread
>or grains.
>mead.msg                (95K)    1/23/95        Making mead. Honey based
>alcholic beverage.
>wine.msg                (9K)     3/20/95        Medieval wines.
>If anyone would like copies of these files just let me know. They are
>available at a WWW site, too.

What is the web address?


Stefan li Rous

Susi Lundgren
s.lundgren at

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