Period Heraldric Styles...

Nan Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Aug 17 13:21:49 PDT 1995

>Is proper considered to be during the time period associated with the SCA
>or just a term to try and get rid of the word period? Lots of things are
>proper, such as using ratan and duct tape for fighting, but it's not

Neither.  It refers to the rules which govern heraldry.  Savian makes a
very valid point, essentially, "fly what you want, but don't call it
heraldry [unless it conforms to the heraldic rules]."  The rules of
heraldry do not apply only to devices prior to 1600, they apply even today.
If you were an Englishman and wanted a "coat of arms"  (another incorrect
usage) you would apply to the King of Arms and they would design a device
for you and you could either accept it or reject it.  If you accept it,
they register it and that device is *yours*, not our family's or your son's
(until you die and he petitions for it).  I agree with Savian, if one
doesn't want real heraldry, why be concerned with what the heralds think,


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