Period stuff(ed)...

Pug pug at
Fri Aug 18 06:33:28 PDT 1995

> PUG, are you serious?  Are you really supporting the view-point that you 
> profess, or are you just hopping on the debate-the-hell-out-of-anything 
> bandwagon?

Never, somewhat and yes. *grin*

> Can everyone hear themselves and each other?

I have tried to make a point that apparently got missed. I will try one
last time, and then give up.

People have said that people *can* have whatever heraldry they want
without registering it. All I wanted to propose was a method for those
people who want some of the more modern aspects to a way of registering
it in order to *try* and avoid confusion. Somewhere in there it got
confused with the fact that what most/some people want may not be heraldry
at all.


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