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Fri Aug 18 08:01:47 PDT 1995

On Fri, 18 Aug 1995, Pug wrote:

> Sorry. Just had to on this one.
> > Clothing has been restricted for a long time in the SCA. Since I 
> > think 1973 when the SCA as a WHOLE decided to be a HISTORICAL 
> > organization rather than a historical/fantasy organization. To go to 
> > an SCA event you have to attempt pre-1600 costume (it's in Corporea). 
>                            ^^^^^^^
> > We encourage GOOD costuming by example. 
>      ^^^^^^^^^
> That's the difference I see as between the rest of SCA and the CoH.

Oh no you don't! I know, first hand, the CoA registers a LOT of really, 
really bad heraldry because it does not break the rules. And before you 
ask, how do I know what is bad heraldry? The same way someone familiar 
with costuming knows bad costuming when they see it. We get the heraldic 
equivalent of two-towels-pinned-at-the-shoulders-and-belted-with-rope all 
too often *and we pass the stinking stuff*.

Too many people join the SCA and decide they need heraldry right away. So
they draw a piece of junk, get pissed it does not pass, and jaggle it
around until it does pass. Then, down the road when they figure out how
hidious it is (often, before it has even passed), they stop using it, or
replace it with a better attempt (some times not much better) increasing
the CoA workload in registering arms that are only going to be dropped or

How much nicer, to have a herald help you design a really spif device 
that will pass easily and that you can be proud of even after you know a 
bit more about what heraldry should look like? I have helped quite a few 
people gain arms and badges (and Katherne and I are working on one now), 
and all are delighted with their arms. 

> > >Fine with me. How about the 2 groups being period and modern 
> > >heraldry then?
> > And you think it takes forever to register a device now???? 
> I don't see this method taking any longer. I don't see how it could. You
> have the same number of people doing submissions, the only thing is you
> will not have to return all of them that use modern heraldry. Sounds to
> me like it would eventually cut down since people won't have to resubmit,
> as many, multiple times. *shrug*

I don't see why you think it is ok to enforce the rules of heraldry, but 
not periodness. Why is this such a big leap? We are a *historical* group, 
at least in theory. As for re-submissions, most are simply not heraldry 
or (before the modest proposal) conflict.

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