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Dia duit!

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 >> A lot of them are no longer playing. (Exception -the Bellatrixs)

 "> Yes, but can they fly their arms if they do play? Or do we make
 "> exceptions to those people who have been in longer?

Once your name and armory are registered with the CoH, they are registered in
perpetuity, unless you explicitly request they be released.  Even then, I
don't believe it is deleted from the database, just marked as released.  I
know my old name, which I changed over a decade ago, is still in the SCA

There was a tone time discussion of purging inactive entries, but it was
argued down for a number of reasons (many logistical), including the desire to
continue to protect names and armory of those people important to the SCA's

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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