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Fri Aug 18 18:26:28 PDT 1995

Dia duit!

I will be manning a heraldic consultation table at River Tree's Tourney of the
Golden Arrow, August 26 & 27.  I will have the latest version of the SCA
Online Armorial for doing first pass conflict checks. 

For those wishing to consult on armory, I would ask that you *not* present me
with something already drawn up, but rather consider what two heraldic
tinctures (a color and a metal, preferably) and what primary charge you would
like and we will use those as a starting point.

The one area I am lacking, however, is in name references.  My area of
"expertise" (and thus the area where I have concentrated purchasing
references) is in Irish/Scottish names, although I do have some references for
the other "celtic" languages.  I have virtually nothing on French, German,
Spanish, Italian, etc.  Any heralds attending this event who have such
references and could bring them for me use would have my heartfelt thanks.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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