Heraldic supporters

David Mann uccxdem at okway.okstate.edu
Tue Aug 22 12:05:27 PDT 1995

     Hello again,
     I was wrong about AoA getting a helm. Catherine was originally right, 
     The arms do look strange with just a helm. AoA level doesn't get 
     anything, nada, zip. The achievement page is one page of 20 out of the 
     Scroll text handout. The date is AS XXVI when Dathi was Star. Kief 
     might want to put out an update to add any new award texts (like the 
     Centurions.) I'll get the whole thing scanned in and saved in several 
     formats. It is not a wholly text document. I'll then send Stefan a 
     copy (Stefan what format?) and make it available by FTP.

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