IS the Rialto down?

Pug pug at
Wed Jul 5 13:42:51 PDT 1995

> I believe that Emer was, in fact, however, referring to the SCA-L Digest,
> rather than the Uselessnet version, since (as I recall from other discussions
> with her on the topic) that is the form she receives the Rialto in.  However,
> to further make the waters murky, I have received neither the Digest version,
> nor has my particular copy of the Newsgroup updated itself recently.  Ergo,
> for me at least, the Rialto is "down".

Have you contacted news/postmaster at wherever your feed is through?
This is the proper way to *try* and resolve it. Note, that doesn't mean
they will be able to help, but they *should* be able to.

> BTW, as I'm sure you are well aware, since Rec.Org.Sca/SCA-L is neither purely
> fish nor fowl, I can see no reason for getting one's braies twisted over whether
> it is referred to as the Rialto, since, as such, it is neither limited to its
> Digest nor Uselessnet version.

When I first read the message on this list, I thought the original
person had mistakenly called the Anstoerra list the Rialto. The list has
been quiet as of late, but there is nothing I can do about that.


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