IS the Rialto down?

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Wed Jul 5 14:08:52 PDT 1995

>Have you contacted news/postmaster at wherever your feed is through?
>This is the proper way to *try* and resolve it. Note, that doesn't mean
>they will be able to help, but they *should* be able to.

Oh, they and I go *way* back on this (regarding the Newsgroup).  It will get
cleared up in a few days or so (Why else do you think I still get the Digest
as well? :) ).

>When I first read the message on this list, I thought the original
>person had mistakenly called the Anstoerra list the Rialto. The list has
>been quiet as of late, but there is nothing I can do about that.

I was pretty sure that she was assuming that there would be other Rialto
readers here as well, and by determining who's still getting the Digested
version, where the mail blockage is.  Then again, in this case, I knew the
Lady in question was, in fact, smart enough to recognize the pointlessness in
sending an "Is the list down?" question to the list that she is clearly not
receiving (since that's where most people will send the response).

Now, just to be clear on this... Is there anyone on the Ansteorra list who does
NOT receive the Rialto in SOME format or other?  Good.  Of those who *do*
(specifically, those who receive it via the Digest format, for whatever reason)
are there *any* for whom the Digest version IS currently functioning? 

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