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>>So, here's a question for everyone:
>>What would be *your* ideal event?...
>I'm pretty easy to please, actually.  I'd like to see an event where
>1) Nothing Mundane existed, or at the very least was totally disquised
>(I have a dream of a Mundanity Pillory, pardon me, a Pillory for people
>who act in a socially inappropriate way).
>2) People could (and would) do whatever artsy craftsy stuff they wanted
>without people thinking they were somehow demented for using period tools,
>or working at an event.
>3) If the event is a fair with merchants, it be *called* that (since it's
>a perfectly period term).
>4) Tourney fields be dressed better
>5) Things could be handled toward a specific century, with people willing
>to adjust their persona's accordingly.
>6) A Front Gate is called a Front Gate; a Carriage, a carriage; a Wagon,
>a wagon; a Cook, a Cook; Stewards and Sewers by their appropriate titles;
>the person in charge of the silly event called something OTHER than "Autocrat";
>and so forth.
>As you may expect, there is a bit of a trend here...

Oh thank you thank you, Diarmuit, especially for #6.  Further--gee, I
wonder if there is some way we could ban those gawd-awful aluminum frame
beach pavillions?  For a little work and a lot less money one can have a
period tourney shade-pavillion.


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