Ideal event

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Thu Jul 6 15:27:20 PDT 1995

>What would be *your* ideal event?
>Estrill Swet

Big, but not huge, 500 -1000 ppl (with a strong tendancy toward the higher #)

Access to water, preferbly a river. Lots of trees for shade & cause I like
trees. Several hills or other forms of natural barrier to break it up.
No cactus.

Showers, in unobtrusive locations with BIG hot water heaters.

A bit of everything, lots of merchants (with most of them sticking to period or
period-like stuff, no bumperstickers & buttons (at least not visible),
several different dance areas, fighting areas and bardic areas. No one
single area is predominant, i.e. it is not a fighting event, or an arts
event, or any other sort of limitation.

Ground fires.

At least 3 FULL days, (say friday saturday and sunday) and maybe a half day
(thursday and monday) of actual stuff going on that isn't just set up and
take down.

I kind of picture a spread along a riverbank, with sort of graduated
periodicity, from full high persona upriver down to fun party down river,
with hills or something in between to help break it up. Maybe active
hospitalers/gate guards/tour guides near the entrance to each higher level
to show people around.


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