Fri Jul 7 09:50:33 PDT 1995

	 There are several types of "beach pavilion" on the market.  The
	 free standing, square type, with a center peak are in fact not
	 that different from pavilions used in period (save the lack of a
	 center pole).
	 The center pole has been eliminated from modern pavilions because
	 it is inconvenient.
	 My personal favorite of these free standing type pavilions is the
	 Academy Broadway (not affiliated with the Academy Sporting Goods
	 chain) model 292.  This model retails at discount stores for about
	 $110 (lower on sale), and has a waterproof shell.  The shell is
	 made of a plastic that is not shiny, and is quite durable.  The
	 frame is steel.
	 If the waterproof plastic offends you, you may sew a fabric cover
	 that will fit the frame (HL Kaitlyn McKenna made one with sides,
	 that worked very well).
	 I do not think it likely that pavilions in period had metal poles.
	 I am *not* willing to state, positively that they did not.  Metal
	 poles can be painted/coated/covered if they bother you.
	 The major fault of these free standing "beach pavilions" is that
	 *we* know what they are.  Transported back in time, they would
	 only draw attention by virtue of their clever frames, and the
	 cunning fabric that shed water.

	 If you want a fabric pavilion, and haven't hundreds to spend, then
	 I recommend the following approach.
	 Most large hardware stores (especially Ace hardware), sell canvas
	 "drop cloths" for about $40 for a 12' x 15' piece.  You needn't
	 sew anything at all (though I do recommend gluing & sewing
	 reinforcing on the grommet areas).
	 The poles can be 2 x 2 if square is acceptable, or if you need
	 round poles, I recommend at least 1-5/8" doweling (the standard
	 1-3/8" is a bit too weak).  The larger size doweling may require a
	 bit of searching.
	 If you want something more colorful, you may add pennants/dagging
	 to taste.
	 This design has a lot of potential for innovation, be creative
	 (it's our middle name).

	 langj at

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