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Catherine says:
<lots of useful info about sunshades and pavillions>

>End of discussion, unless someone wants to request the class.

Or if you want some info more quickly the following is excerpted
from my file list. I would love to have the name/address/review of
the canvas merchant you mentioned, Catherine, to add to my tent-fabrics


decadence.msg	(5K)	 9/21/94	Decadent SCA camp sites.
p-tents.msg		(23K)	 4/17/95	Period tents and documentation sources.
pavillions.msg	(81K)	 4/28/95	The making of medieval pavillions.
tents-alt.msg	(8K)	 6/29/94	Alternatives to tents.
tent-care.msg	(23K)	 3/20/95	Care of tents. waterproofing, washing.
tent-fabrics.msg	(36K)	10/ 6/94	Fabrics and treatments to use in tents.
tent-p+s.msg	(36K)	 1/31/95	Pavillion poles, stakes and ropes.
tent-rental.msg	(9K)	 5/ 9/95	Rental of tents at Pennsic and Estrella.
tent-sources.msg	(32K)	11/18/94	Pavillion and canvas merchants.
yurts-msg		(36K)	 5/17/95	Round Mongol tents also called ghers.

These files can be found at:
or contact me and I can send them by email.

Other comments:

Catherine, I think you and Conor were smart in making your pavillion
with colored canvas instead of the natural color I used. If you can
get colors that won't fade, then the color will help hide stains and
any mildew.

I also recommend that large pavillions be made with detachable walls.
This allows the tent to be stored in seperate bags or boxes. Ours
aren't detachable and I couldn't find a canvas bag big enough to hold it.
It now lives in a 40 gallon plastic trashcan. But since it has wheels,
this allows me to easily tansport it between storage and wagon and
wagon to campsite. Also if I have to pack it up wet, the trashcan
keeps anything else from getting wet.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
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