Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Fri Jul 7 09:00:35 PDT 1995

>Well, I am sitting here reading all of this stuff, and I can see both sides
>however, where I stand, I want to make my area to look as period as possible.
>This has to be done in small steps, due to lack of time to dedicate to
>making a period tent/pavillion/whatever, but it is my goal to eventually have
>everything either period or out of sight.

Terrific, we're slowly working on that, too.  It takes a while.  I bet even
Cariadoc didn't do it overnight.

 So, because of all of this, I
>would LOVE to have a class that teaches me how to make a pavillion.

Will add you to the list.  (Conor's gonna *love* me.)

>I know the pavillion you are talking about and it is well made.

Thank you.  (Just for the curious, I made the top and Conor made the sides,
but he designed the whole thing.)

 I also know
>that we can't afford anything that big right now,

One piece of advice Conor always gives people when they ask about the
pavilion:  "Do not start with anything that large."  He says this for a
number of reasons which he will probably give you in glaring detail if he
teaches the class.

 but I would love to
>know how to make it.  So consider this a request for the class.
>In service,
>Myfanwy ferch Eifion of Bryn Gwlad


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