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*>Things Stephen wrote*
*Things Antonio wrote  *
>Why would you limit the taverns with/without games to only one night?
>These would seem to be the kinds of places you could drop into for
>awhile between other events or during events you don't care for. I
>don't see how they would interfere with other events even if 

I think the reality that they are trying to look at is that it would be very 
difficult to get someone to provide something like that for an extended 
period of time.  (Like having a gate guard through the entire event.)  
However, I think that they were inserting reality where we're talking fantasy.

>Hmm. No fire circles? No circle dances? 
You are being obtuse on purpose.  It is obvious that she meant that no one 
should have any round objects at events ever again, and I expect you to 
immediately discard any SCA gear that you have that has no sharp corners on it.

Again, I see some underlying themes.  It sounds as though people would like 
to spend some time enjoying the event, relaxing, escaping.  Hmmm, period 
atmosphere with people who are relaxed and joyous...  Could it be done?
I remain Yours, etc.
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