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Patricia Horton horton at
Fri Jul 7 11:29:09 PDT 1995

Uh, I am afraid I can not just forget it. TRM and myself CHANGED KINGDOM LAW
by signatures and announcement in court etc at Crown this spring. The letter I
got from Bjornsborg simply said:

"The Barony of Bjornsborg is officially requesting that their protected event
be moved from October to the X weekend in March".

I looked at Kingdom Law, saw the protected event was Bjornsborg Baronial Court,
called TRM recommended granting the change to law, I got an "OK, fine with
them". I wrote up the change, we signed it and announced it. Officially,
Bjornsborg Baronial Court, IN KINGDOM LAW, in now X weekend in march so we
can NOT just blow it off. That is when Bjornsborg Baronial Court is and will
be unless law changes again. Sorry.

The Sanfu with the "online" version of the calendar, and ONLY the online
version of the calendar, was I "moved" the event to March but forgot to 
delete the line from October, so I am human. Gees, lighten up.


>>I noticed that Bjornsborg baronial court is listed for the weekend in October
>>AND a weekend in March?  which is the correct date??? What happened to
>>Tourney of Lyonesse?
>>just curious
     >This is the latest permutation of a long and rather curious battle.
>Bjornsborg simply wanted to shift its protected date from Baronial Court in
>October to Lyonesse in March.  Somehow, what was being protected got changed
>from the *date* to the *event*, with the result that, no matter what they
>did, the Baronial Court thing wouldn't go away.  For a while the calendar
>said that Baronial Court would be in March, and Lyonesse wasn't going to
>happen at all.  Now we have a new version, still wrong.  For the record
>(although I really have no authority to be stating Bjornsborg's policies,
>but Mari and I have discussed this SNAFU at length): Baronial Court will be
>in October, as usual, and Lyonesse will be in March, as usual.  Nothing has
>changed, no matter what the Calendar says this time.  Just ignore it, and
>maybe it will get better.
>In pursuit of clarity,

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