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I think that most of what I am replying to comes from Stefan:

>Take skim milk (or regular milk, but watered down). Add lactose to this.
>Mare's milk is much higher in lactose than cow's milk. Then use bread
>yeast, not brewer's yeast, as a starter. This apparently has the desired
>effect of producing the alchohol out of the lactose. Mix this in one of
>those plastic water carriers (the five gallon ones with the handle and
>spout), and hang it up so you can shake it vigorously from time to time.
>This prevents the kumiss from turning to yoghurt. The spout can also be
>opened periodically to burp it and release the pressure (or you end up
>with kumiss mines exploding in camp).

This is the recipe that I tried.  This was written by someone living up
North, where is is much cooler.

>Barak Raz:
>         Take a goat's stomach, fill it with mare's milk, sew it shut. Get
>several huskies with hardwood staves to beat this for a while, then let it
>sit until the curds and whey separate. Drain off the whey, mix it with
>honey, then seal it up again. Go away for a month or two. When you come back,
>it's koumis time.

Again, the heat of Ansteorra will cause some *interesting* effects:-/

One of the many things about making kumis is keeping it at a reasonable
temp.  Another is shaking it often.  Mongols would tie their kumis bags to
the saddles, so that it would shake as they rode.  If the were camping in
one place, thay would tie the bag to the kana, just by the door into the
ger.  It was traditional that one would shake the bag one one entered a ger.
One of my Anda suggested that, if using Todric's receipe, place the bag on
your washing machine, in the cellar.  This would shake the bag wen you did
wash, as well as keep it at a good temp.

>PS: Mordraut hasn's said he'll drink it yet. Any other takers?

Yup, I'll drink it.  I am a hearty Mongol.
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