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>On 11 Jul 95 at 10:54, Nancy Bradford-Reid wrote:
>> >On 10 Jul 95 at 21:02, I. Marc Carlson wrote:
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>> >> Sca-speak.
>> >> Mundane Term      Jargo Term.           Other possible terms
>> >
>> >> ---------         Feast Gear
>> >  Table setting     Feast Gear
>> >
>> >I was wondering lately, is Feast Gear itself period?  Should we
>> >be trying to get away from the bring your own 'potluck' table settings?
>> >
>> How would you propose to do it?  Have every group keep track of and wash
>> 200-400 place settings?
>Why not?  Other organizations seem to manage to do it.  It can't be
>worse than the miles of list rope that we have bought.  The dozen
>pavillions, the 'loaner' armor etc.
Yes, and that stuff is already incredibly difficult to mainatin, store,
etc.  Oh, Mirrim, Baronial Quartermaster, how dost thou feel about keeping
track of even more bowls, etc.?

>Actually our shire has 120 trenchers which we made from wood for
>just such purposes (#2 pine, roughly carved and burned with the name
>of the shire, cheap to make).

Same applies.  we had a ton o'trays that Earl Kein and his squires made and
because of lack of storage space they were kept under a tarp at someone's
house and have since become firewood.
>As far as washing our guests table settings, we have been known to
>wash all of our guests table settings anyway. It would be even
>easier if we could do it at our leasure and didn't have to sort out
>whose was whose.  Not to mention avoiding the ugly rush into the
>kitchen by half the diners to wash their dishes.  (I do wish that
>they would let us serve the last dish first.)
We always shove our dirty feastgear into a perectly non-period plastic bag
and stow it in our feast box and wash the stuff when we get home.  We've
turned several people on to this method and it saves nerves.  Of course, if
you're staying a little longer, you have to wash them sooner or later.

>> I figure if I win the lottery I could build the dream site,
>> hall, etc. and tell everyone "feast on us, don't worry about feast gear,"
>> but alas....
>FYI, the dream site is available up here for a mere million
>dollars... (or so the site owners tell us).

Mere pocket change, m'lad.


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