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Mon Jul 10 06:12:14 PDT 1995

Sorry Keith, this thing will not allow me to specify addresses to exclude.
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>From n.b-reid at (Nancy Bradford-Reid), on 7/5/95 2:51 PM:
To: ansteorra at

Sion--to whom are you sending this?

Catherine (Caireach)

>You have made several rude postings, and when asked to show yourself you 
>nowhere to be found. Now I find you posting in An Tir, how odd! Maybe you
>show up at tuesday fighter Practice as was requested before.
>   Sion Glas  A.o.A, A.S.T.A, G.M.B.G.
>   Caer Glas
>   Bryn Gwlad
>   Ansteorra
>This is on the account of a friend

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