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>>  Further--gee, I
>>wonder if there is some way we could ban those gawd-awful aluminum frame
>>beach pavillions?  For a little work and a lot less money one can have a
>>period tourney shade-pavillion.
>last I checked Period Pavilions were orders of magnatude more expensive 
>the beach ones, are an utter headache and 3/4 to haul around (impossible 
>you don;t have a truck), and are a royal pain to store.
Actually, we made a 14' high, 18x18 pavillion with sides for less than
$300.00 and it packs into two Air Force parachute bags, plus poles.  What I
am talking about is a 10x10 shade pavilion without sides, just for the
listfield.  Those damn beach things run around $190.00.  We have samples
and everything from a place in Florida called Trident which carries all
sorts of canvas, fireproof, waterproof, water resilient, in a wide range of
colors, plus grommets and grommet cutter/setters.  If 2 or 3 people get
together and order a bolt or two, it's about $2.30/yd.  2x2 poles are a
couple of bucks and sisal rope to make your ropes is dirt cheap.  Large
spikes (they look like great big 10-penny nails) with washers on them make
great stakes.  a regular household machine sews the canvas just fine (it's
a little tougher if you order the waterproof stuff, but waterproofing a
small list-side pavilion is not a big deal).  If anyone is interested, I
will ask my lord, Sir Conor, if he would teach a class in pavilion making
at A&S.  A list-side pavilion like that would take up hardly any room at
all and the poles can be made to break down.  It is really worth the little
extra effort to keep those butt-ugly pavilions off the field--keep 'em at
your camp if you want.


Nan Bradford-Reid
The Department of English
The University of Texas
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