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Mon Jul 10 12:19:30 PDT 1995

Mayor is a more permanent job, I think.  Besides, baronies didn't have
mayors.  8-)

"Steward" is now available, now that the position has been reorged out
of existance in the SCA Inc.  A group I was in used "Master/Mistress
of the Revels" with some success.  Apparently this term was sometimes
used in period for a person in charge of running the hall during a
feast, et cetera.

We could also use the actual, formal job title and position in the SCA
hierarchy: "deputy seneschal for the event".

(The word "autocrat" was known in English in period, by the way: it
was a title of the (Eastern) Roman Emperor, and afterwards of the
Emperor/ess of Russia.  I agree that it should be replaced in the SCA,
for that reason, and all the other "-ocrat"s should be nixed even

The Steppes has been good about using "gate" instead of "troll", but
that's partially due to the insistance of the last two treasurers, who
usually sit there much of the event.

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