Seeking Celtic Dancers and Musicians

Rachel Jordan psu01169 at
Sun Jul 9 21:08:31 PDT 1995

Unto all gentles in your fair kingdom, Kathleen O'Toole of Clan 
MacGuinness brings a message from the kingdom of AnTir. 

AnTir's Clann An Tuatha na Ceilteach seeks Celts throughout the Known 
World interested in Celtic Dance and music for Ceili mayhem at the 30 
Year Celebration. Currently collecting lists of mundane and SCA teachers, 
schools, callers, etc... for Known World network of Celtic Dance. (Yes, 
early documentation is rare, but fun isn't!)

Amberly an Lasair ni Lochlainn, Ceann Fina, Clann An Tuatha

(Kathleen O'Toole is posting this through her account, as Amberly does 
not have a email account - as well as Kathleen is a member of the Clann 
An Tuatha dance troop.)

All responses should be sent to:

psu01169 at
rachelj at

(P.S. If someone could send me information on how to subscribe to your 
mailing list, I would greatly appreciate it.)

Kathleen O'Toole of Clan MacGuinness

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