Keith Ewing keandbc at
Mon Jul 10 16:02:28 PDT 1995

You wrote: 
>>I agree with the general consensus that our events need to be more 
>>but how do you go about it?
>Well several people here on the list feel that way, but is that shared 
>everyone in the sca? Generally the ppl on computer lists tend not to 
be the
>"partiers" for whom period is less important.

Who says you can't party in period? Some of my best Persona play has 
been under the influence of alcohol. Have you ever been to the Royal 
Swan Tavern? Ever been to Pennsic? I have guzzled mead and shouted war 
poetry at comrades in arms on the eve of battle. I have played chess 
and spoken riddles with slurred speech, the ale making my chess moves 
bolder and somewhat foolhardy. I have toasted my King in a feast hall 
full of freinds. Face it, good gentles, alcohol is period. 
Also. Who says that people on computer lists don't party? Has anybody 
told Cynric? Or Mordraut? Or Keif? to name a few. If to be on this 
mailing list means I can't party, I guess I'll need to cancel my 
subscription. :)

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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