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Tue Jul 11 15:09:36 PDT 1995

> >> >I was wondering lately, is Feast Gear itself period?  Should we
> >> >be trying to get away from the bring your own 'potluck' table settings?
> >> >
> >> How would you propose to do it?  Have every group keep track of and wash
> >> 200-400 place settings?
> >
> >Why not?  Other organizations seem to manage to do i.  It can't be
> >worse than the miles of list rope that we have bought.  The dozen
> >pavillions, the 'loaner' armor etc.
> >
> Yes, and that stuff is alrady incredibly difficult to mainatin, store,
> etc.  Oh, Mirrim, Baronial Quartermaster, how dost thou feel about keeping
> track of even more bowls, etc.?

There are always problems with maintaining, storing, etc.  You 
just have to find ways to overcome them.  Mooneschadowe has, 
oh, gosh, umpteen pavilions stored more or less neatly in a 
shed which we all got together to build a few years back.  Because we 
have so much stuff, we're already planning to build, yes, another 
shire shed.  To my mind, it's orth the effort of building the shed, 
maintaining the inventory, spending the money to purchase the 
rubbermaid boxes to hold the the equipment in, etc. in order to have 
a "period pavilions only" list field.   I don't know, maybe this 
wouldn't be possible in a larger city where having a "shire shed" in 
somebody's back yard might be impractical.  I just know that it has 
been working *fairly* well here for the past couple of years. It's 
certainly not a perfect system yet, but we're working on it.

I gues it just struck me as a shame to dismiss a good suggestion like 
"hey, lets provide our guests with table settings" because it might 
be hard to keep track of the stuff.  If this is something that could 
improve the Dream, find a way to make it happen.  (I see lots of 
medieval looking pitchers in Mooneschadowe's future...) (And speaking 
as one of the people who washed all those guest dishes after a feast, I 
can honestly say that it wasn't that bad.) 

Would it make the event more fun for you if all you ad to bring to 
feast was your cup and a healthy appetite?  And you didn't have to do your 
dishes afterwards?  I'd never considered the idea before, but now 
that I have, I like it.

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