Table settings (was SCA speak)

Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Tue Jul 11 15:48:39 PDT 1995

>a "period pavilions only" list field.   I don't know, maybe this
>wouldn't be possible in a larger city where having a "shire shed" in
>somebody's back yard might be impractical.

The problem we've had in the past is the person in whose back yard the shed
resided moved away...I believe without notice.  We seem to have things in
control now, I hope.

>Would it make the event more fun for you if all you ad to bring to
>feast was your cup and a healthy appetite?  And you didn't have to do your
>dishes afterwards?  I'd never considered the idea before, but now
>that I have, I like it.

There's only one thing that would make events more fun for me at this point
and that is if the temperature never got above 75!  Then I could deal with



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