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You wrote: 
>What follows is a result of the "brainstorming" we have been doing
>here.  If any of these are "do-able" is to me a question we need to
>ask ourselves.  In some cases, some of these have already been
>done, are being done, and will be worked harder toward by
>individual groups.  Others are clearly unlikely (or are they?

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>     i.   More "Tournaments as spectacle"

One of the things that makes the SCA unique is that our tournaments are 
not just spectacles. We have created a new martial art (chivalric 
combat) and revived an old one (fencing). Because we are legitamately 
competing we sometimes can't care whether we are boring the audience. 
Even if particular members of the audience find our art boring to look 
at, I feel no compunction to "liven it up" for them. I'll let somebody 
else argue if it's an art or a sport, but whichever way, there are some 
people who are bored by some sports while others are fascinated by 
them. The same is true for arts. 

On the flip side, I encourage greater heraldic displays and showmanship 
on the field. Any opportunity for persona play should be taken. 

I have a plea to tournament organizers. Please remember to allow 
fighters to practice their art, as well as their showmanship.

I have another plea to judges in judged tournaments, especially non 
fighting judges. Remember that a bad actor can be a good fighter. If a 
judge doesn't feel comfortable judging the merits of someone's fighting 
ability, please consult with an expert.

I have done well in both types of tournaments. (judged and elimination)
That is because I like to act. But my first love is fighting. I have 
dropped out of tournaments because the tourney organisers (nonfighters) 
were trying to make it more interesting for the audience. This usually 
makes it hard or impossible to display my art, sometimes silly and 

I think that's enough. 

<Kein steps off of his soapbox.>

Thanks for listening.

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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