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> Anybody got a suggestion for _heavy weapons_ or _autocrat_?

Hmm.  My OED says "Fencing" is c1581 and therefore appropriate for
some forms of "light weapons" fighting.  I'm still trying to see
what the period term was for the person who oversaw the events of
a Fair or Tourney.

Heavy weapons...  Hmm.  Armored Combat?  Sword Wallowing?

Seriously, might I suggest that rather than trying to specify at
this time replacement jargon, which is no better than the current PC
fad, we start looking at other terms and see what would be evident.

My personal pet peeve jargon terms are:

Feastocrat (Which could be cook, cater, etc.)
"Smalls" (for children; and for which (to my mind) "Children" might be
	appropriate.  I know the older kids object to being classed in with
	the little ones, but all that's been changed is the term.  They are
	STILL classed with the little ones).)
Farspeaker  (I fail to see why it need to be referred to at all.)
Farspeaker list/Domesdaylist/whatever you call it.
	In period, it was often a common thing to keep lists of the populace
	in a village/ward/town etc, in order to determine who was elegable to
	vote where, who hadn't served in offices, who lived where.
Dragon  (Wagon, car, carriage... God's blood, "Thingie" is a better term
	than "Dragon")
Privy	(It's a perfectly good period word, mind you, just overused when
	there are other terms for for such things.)
Troll	(Gate, front gate, entrance, whatever.  I'll be a "Gate-guard"
	(and have been before) but I'll be dipped before I am labeled
	a "Troll" (unless of course, I've earned it :) ).

Ah well.  It's time to look up more of those Inkhorn Terms, I suppose.

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