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You wrote: 
>I believe the period term for a "heavy weapons fighter" would be 
>someone who has some skill with the sword, axe, et cetera, and has the
>equipment appropriate to that estate/job (armor, weapons, horse ... 
>we really can't do that part safely, in combat at least ...).
>At least that's my understanding --  I invite correction.

Knights were (well, until they starting knighting merchants and such) 
and are fighters. Fighters were not and are not necessarily knights. A 
peasant militia man who kept his pike spotlessly clean and drilled 
dilligently twice a month could certainly be called a fighter, but he 
would not by any stretch of the imagination be called a knight.

>If so, then the !@#$%^&*() FUBAR SCA award system has screwed us yet 
again ...

There are many things wrong with the SCA award system. There are also 
many things right. If you have problems with it, how about making 
suggestions on how to fix it, instead of cussing it. Remember that, 
especially in this kingdom, if a person can convince a Crown that 
something is wrong, the Crown can do something about it.

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