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>>I agree with the general consensus that our events need to be more period,
>>but how do you go about it?
>Well several people here on the list feel that way, but is that shared by
>everyone in the sca? Generally the ppl on computer lists tend not to be the
>"partiers" for whom period is less important.

I break the things that I deal with at events into four catagories, they are:

Period:  These are good things, if the people want to show period items, do
period things at events, more power to them.

Mundane (Period Like):  These are things that are mundane, but people have
tried to make them more period in appearance.  To me this include songs that
are modern, but about period items.  First attempts at garb, most armor.  I
can quite easily live with these at events.

Mundane (And Proud Of It):  These are items like tents, cars, porta-johns,
things that we really can't do without.  Also some armor fits into this
catagory:-(  I would prefer that these items not be in the main area of an

Fantasy:  Elves, Klingons, Fantasy Gaming, etc.  If it is in this catagory,
save it for cons.

Some items tend to bend the line as to which group they belong in, and I
imagine that there are those out there who would gladly place more stuff in
the last catagory:-)

>Wouldn't it be interesting if at the next couple of events they had a survey
>that asked if people wanted more or less periodness?

I think that the best the SCA can really hope for is a happy medium.  Part
of the reason is because of how the SCA started, and grew.  To have a group
that only allowed period items to be shown at events (no tents, plastic,
etc.) would mean selecting a small time/place, like other groups do.  The
SCA is too large for that.


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