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Christopher R. Doelle cdoelle at sam.neosoft.com
Tue Jul 11 10:33:02 PDT 1995

>I've heard tell, that in Crown Tournaments past, that all the entrants 
>had a grand promenade around the field, escorting those for whom they 
>would fight.
>I've never seen that done, mind you, in the two Crown tournaments I've 
>been to in my almost two years in the Society.  I bet it is wonderful.
>I enjoy the heraldic pageantry and pomp.  I like trying to figure out 
>whose arms those are on that shield over there, have I seen them before, 
>and where, that sort of thing.  
>I've only seen four people, in all of the tournaments I've been to have 
>an herald precede them onto the field and announce them in full name and 
>alphabet and all of that.  Yes, I am aware that this sort of thing slows 
>down tourneys very much, but I miss that.  Two of the four people I've 

I agree with this - I think this would make events MUCH more enjoyable.  I
really like the pomp and heradly of it all.  

Christian Erik Wolfhart
House Canis Gigantis
Stargate, Ansteorra
cdoelle at sam.neosoft.com
Chris Doelle

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