Rhiain at Rhiain at
Tue Jul 11 16:42:06 PDT 1995

I thoroughly agree with Kein, I too like to party.  I really enjoy partying
in a period atmosphere.  What I was talking about, are those "parties" at
events, where as soon as night falls, all pretense at being in the middle
ages is suddenly forgotten except for the clothes and possibly middle eastern
dance.  It's really hard to imagine you're  in the 10th, 11th, or 15th
century when a large group of people are talking loudly about numerous modern
problems and things that don't even concern the SCA or the times we
supposedly are recreating.  I'm not trying to shove my views down anyone's
thoat, but some of these people would probably like partying in a more
medieval manner if they only knew how.  As someone who has only been playing
this game a few years, it can sometimes be hard to find a party that is
indeed in period.  It can also be difficult to know just how to encourage
others to party and still be "in period".  I'd just like a few suggestions
and/or to know where the "period" party is! 

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