Event Ideals (fighting)

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Jul 12 11:27:38 PDT 1995

Mara writes:

>There is room enough for everything.  Some people might have to pick 
>and choose what they want to compete in if there is a conflict.

I agree. Choices must be made.

>Lets face it most events are held to be *fighting* events.  Is this 
>fair, I don't know.  I do think that if you take a long hard look at 
>it, events with no fighting draw fewer people.

What's wrong with fewer people? 100 people *really* interested in the 
event (*whatever* it is based around) is, IMHO, *usually* better than 
300 people who are only marginally interested. As long as the event does 
not lose money, it does not have to make a profit (which is *usually* 
what people mean/infer when they talk about large numbers of people).

>Both sides need to look and listen to the other side.  I was only 
>trying to help you see the other arguments.

Thank you for your help. I wasn't really trying to get at the philosophy 
of the fighting, but at what kinds and types of tournaments fighters and 
non-fighters could *both* enjoy, using myself as an example of a typical 
(or should it be atypical?) non-fighter. It was never my intention to  
upset any one on this subject. Hopefully the two questions that M?? 
(forgot his name) asked the list will be answered and everyone can 
discuss the results. I'm looking forward to the answers myself.

Estrill Swet

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