Pug pug at
Wed Jul 12 13:06:02 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Well the list is still moderated. Hopefully it will become undone
  today. The final problem ended up being an all too friendly of a site
  in Ok that would send the Cc: messages back out. Unfortunately this
  means that at the least, the if the list was on the Cc: list, it would
  get it back. (This can become very cyclical.) The only reason it's not
  unmoderated now is that I've noticed sometimes it's a while after the
  message is sent before the bounce comes back around. (Thanks a lot
  Paul for helping!!!)

  Second, if anyone knows 102136.23 at, they have been
  removed from the list for having a full mail box. I didn't want them
  to keep getting charged for messages coming in, as well, I didn't want
  the bounce messages. If anyone knows who this really is, you might
  want to let them know.


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