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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of Keith Ewing to All]


As a currently-non-fighter-but-former-practicioner-of-both-styles (how's that
for a run-on word <g>) I wholeheartedly agree with Sir Kein's post.  (Except
for that abominable "word" "Scadian", which I dislike even more that the
"-ocrat" words.)  I have made friends over the years that I only see at
Pennsic and continue to make more such each year.

 KE> Did I say "Shopping"? I meant "SHOPPING!!". Nowhere is there a greater 
 KE> concentration of merchants than at Pennsic. The only place that might 
 KE> rival it? Estrella. 

Hah!!  For Estrella to rival Pennsic for shopping they'd have to devote the
entire park to merchants.

 KE> Two years ago, Bryn Gwlad had a serious interest in a period game 
 KE> called "hurley" (sp?).  Several people from Bryn Gwlad went to
 KE> Pennsic  that year and were able to hook up with members of a Barony
 KE> (Settmore  Swamp) in the East who also played the game. As far as I
 KE> know, noone  else in the known world is playing this game. They would
 KE> have never  connected if they had not all gone to the war.

<G> And just where were you guys the year before that when Eimile, Merlynia,
and I couldn't find anyone else to get a game up with? <G>

(Aside:  the ancient name is "hurley" but in modern parlance "hurley" is the
stick and "hurling" is the game, or so we were told a few weeks ago by native
practioners.  Obviously, the ancient name has more going for it in an SCA
context than just being period <g>.)

Eimile and I bought 4 hurleys and 2 sliotars (the ball) on our recent trip to
Ireland.  I'll be bringing half of that with me to Pennsic.  You guys bring
your stuff and we'll go challenge the East.  Think we can build up to a
Pennsic Hurley Warpoint?

 KE> Pennsic is 9 days long, approximately. During that time at any time 
 KE> during the day, and many times at night, a person can attend classes
 KE> on  any number of subjects. There are classes at Gulf Wars as well.

 KE> I could go on. I haven't mentioned dancing or reveling or enchanted 
 KE> ground or kingdom patriotism yet.

Or the "White Horse of Pennsic", or the Chartres project, or the Celtic camps
down in the Bog, or whatever architectural extravaganza Trimaris is pulling
off this year, or all the heraldry, or ...

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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