Event Ideals (fighting)

Lee Forgue eilis at haas.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 12 11:27:44 PDT 1995

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  mordraut at moritu.com (Mordraut Freyulf)  writes:

> What follows is a list of sites, how many people are from them, and where
> I think that they are.  The locations are not complete, and could be
> incorrect.  It shows that there at least 32 people on the list from Bryn
> Gwlad.
> aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu		1
               ^^^^^^ University of Oklahoma at Norman

> cse.unsw.edu.au			1
      ^^^^ University of New South Wales, Australia (the au at the end is a
           dead giveaway that the site is Australia -- sometimes it's oz)

> dhostwo.convex.com		1
                Steppes?  (wherever the Kingdom Seneschal lives)

> sun.cis.smu.edu			1
          ^^^  Probably Southern Methodist U

I've learned to be able to take an educated guess at most of the edu sites
-- it has to do with working at one of them...

  --- eilis o'boirne, Western lurker

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