Event Ideals (fighting)

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Jul 12 09:07:49 PDT 1995

Kein writes:

>Is there some reason that a person can't do something for more than one 
>reason? Are my two reasons mutually exclusive?

No absolutely not. In fact most people probably have more than one 
reason for doing what they do.

>And why do you dance?

3 Reasons: 1) Because I like it; 2) My husband & I can participate 
together in dancing & 3) It allows social interaction with a large 
number of people who also enjoy dancing.

>Let's flip it. You sponsor a dance in the heat of the day on the list 
>field, and I'll sponsor a tourney by torchlight after the feast. OK?

Well, Mooneschadowe has *already* done half of this. At Interkingdom 
Peace we had a Torchlight Tourney (24 entrants). The fighters really 
enjoyed it. It didn't start until after sundown around 9:30 or 10:00 (I 
think). It wasn't over until about 1 am. (The torches (5 or 6) were 
propane fueled and stood about 10 feet high.)

And we had dancing in the hall after court & during the tourney.

Several people said that sitting outside the hall, listening to the 
dance music and watching the torchlight fighting created a *moment* for 
them. One of those "yes, this is real!" moments.

>The SCA may be a little weighted towards heavy combat. It probably will 
>be as long as we choose our crowns the way we do. Please don't change 
>that, though. 

I was not about to bring up Crown Tourney & the way we choose crowns. I 
don't exactly like the way it is now, but I have nothing better to argue 
for, so I'll live with it the way it is. However, I see nothing wrong 
with trying to change *other* tournaments through persuasion, facts, and 
espousing more medieval-ness (and furthering fun). But I also realize 
that the fighters have got to show up & actually fight in the tournament 
for it to be a success. (Which is why I asked for further 

>I understand completely that some people find fighting boring. 

Well it's only been boring after 13 years. I just want to see something 
different once in a while! Everyone is so *locked* into "tradition", and 
there are so many events on the calendar already, that alternate events 
where a group might experiment with a different tourney format are rare 
to nonexistent.

>I am a great believer in individual freedoms. I will fight to the death 
>to save your right to think that fighting is boring. :)

Your Excellency, I thank you for your graciousness. And I return the 
sentiment (if not the skill at fighting).

Estrill Swet

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