Table settings (was SCA speak)

R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Wed Jul 12 13:30:50 PDT 1995

>>The problem we've had in the past is the person in whose back yard the shed
>>resided moved away...I believe without notice.  We seem to have things in
>>control now, I hope.
>Here in Mooneschadowe we only contemplated those people who actually
>owned their house. Home owners do not usually pick up & move without
>notice (though I suppose it could happen). Otherwise the way the rest of
>us move around....I shudder at the idea of trying to move a shed around
>that frequently.

*run hands through hair and sigh*

There is a problem with doing it like this.

If your groups starts splintering, having a bunch of the groups stuff in
one place makes it a focus for a lot of nastiness. The people who control
access to the tools and supplies can make other people jump through rings
in order to get at them, or they can even shut people out cold and prevent
them from playing.

I had never thought of the group renting a storage shed for the stuff and
find it a marvelous idea, of course there is still the problem of who is
going to have access fto that shed but it strikes me as a system much less
open to untoward mechanations or at least those mechanations are more
easily redressed.

>Estrill Swet


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